Crochet Jean Jacket Cardigan

April 20, 2020 Happy Monday! Today is cloudy and 55* in California. The humidity is at 81%. This is cold for Californians, and qualifies as sweater weather. It reminded me of a sweater that I recently crocheted. I wanted to embroider some flowers on the collar prior to wearing it. Now I have decided to embroider it today so I can enjoy it during this sweater weather. I want to tell you a bit about how I made this Cardigan. First, I should preface things by letting you know that this is the first sweater that I crochet. I like the pattern because it is meant to simulate a Jean Jacket. I discovered the pattern on YouTube under the title: Crochet Jean Jacket Cardigan by Sewrella. After initially watching the instructional video, I loaded it onto my YouTube playlist on my iPhone. This allowed me to easily refer to it often. I found that the teacher provides clear and concise instructions in the video. Her style is personable. This made it easy to follow along. Although I could not find the specific yarn that she specified, I did find the same color. I achieved a similar texture by increasing the weight of the yarn. Once I started the project, I could not put it down. I finished it in four days! If you have been thinking of trying to crochet a sweater, I would encourage you to give this pattern a try. I believe that if I can do it so can you! The best part is that you will have fun making it! Also when you finish, you will have a beautifully useful new item to add to your wardrobe. I hope you try making it, and enjoy the process! Good luck with your project. Have fun! I took the following photos to show you what my Cardigan looks like:

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