Painting Progress!

April 26, 2020 Happy Sunday! It has been a week since I last updated you on my 48”x60” canvas painting. I am using acrylics. I am intentionally doing small portions of it each day. The goal is to keep it going through the quarantine. It has been a lot of fun!

I began by prepping the canvas. I applied a background wash of colors in light blue and light brown.

The second step was figuring out the placement of the objects or roses in the painting. I used cutouts of grocery bags to space them out. Then I traced around the shapes to designate each area.

After achieving the spacing, I proceeded to sketch each rose. I varied the direction and appearance of each rose. Each rose is blooming in different directions. I spent a few days sketching!

Finally, I was able to take out my acrylic paints! I also utilize some combinations of house paint samples. I got the idea from a professional artist that used the house paint samples to make her good acrylics last longer. Thus, some of my main colors are paint samples. The two background colors of light blue & light pink are house paint colors. Another example is the light pink background color of each rose, which is also from a house paint sample. I like the effect that I can achieve more mixing these paints with my acrylics. I encourage you to give it a try. It will extend the life of your acrylics. An added benefit is that the acrylics do not dry as fast. Thus, I am also saving by not having to use a paint medium. If you use oil paints, you could achieve the same effects by buying oil based samples of house paints.

Currently, I am in the process of carefully painting each rose. Each time I paint one layer of color. Gradually, the different colors within the layers are creating contrast. Now, you can start to see the colors of each rose. It is becoming easier to see the shape of each petal.

The next steps will involve creating more contrast for each rose through shading. I will also add more details within the background. Some examples of the background details are: create stems, leafs, peacock feathers, and fine details for the peacock body.

My goal is to continue the painting progress throughout the quarantine. I hope that at the end of this quarantine I will have a finished painting. There is no rush, for I am enjoying seeing it slowly come together. I would encourage you to try painting something. It is a great project to help pass the time during this pandemic.

I am including some of the photos that I have taken to illustrate the process. They show the progression from the empty canvas with just the background colors, to the beginning of the placement of the objects. Next, I show some close up photos of the sketches of the roses. Before I started to paint each rose, I took some photos of: my materials, their set up, and some of the colors that I was mixing. You will notice that I utilize some everyday household items to facilitate my painting. See if you can recognize the items that I have repurposed. For example, my paint palette is the glass tray from my old microwave. Another repurposed item is a butter knife that I use as a palette knife to mix colors. I would recommend repurposing your household items to help facilitate your painting. I used this trick when I taught Elementary School. I still enjoy doing it, for I am recycling and saving money at the same time!

Please share in the comments one of the projects that you are working on during this pandemic. It can be anything: cleaning/organizing, sewing, crochet, knitting, etc.

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