Art Progress!

May 7, 2020 Welcome to another warm sunny day in California! It will get in the 90’s today! This warm weather inspires me to paint! I would like to encourage you to start your own art project. I wish to update you on the progress of my painting.

The last time that I reported about my painting was on April 26. I have been making steady daily progress since then. I want to encourage you to receive inspiration for your own project through various sources. You can look up projects that are similar to yours on: YouTube, Bluprint, Joann, Etsy, and Pinterest. These sources can serve to inspire your own creativity! I am currently enjoying various painting classes from some of my favorite professional painters. The key is to always remember that your project is a reflection of your own unique creative expression. I feel that you are successful in your project as long as you continue to make progress.

I am enjoying my painting, and I am making daily progress! I have added quite a few more objects into the background. I have painted different types of branches, and leafs. Currently, they all have the same background color but they will eventually be very different. Other important objects that I added are some of the peacock’s feathers. Right now, you can only see the Ocelli, or center, of each feather. Remember that my painting is an abstract representation of the opened/displayed train made up of roses. In real life, a male peacock will display/flash his train at a female in the hope of attracting her attention. This display is called train-rattling, because they actually do shake/rattle each of their iridescent feathers when they do this. I am currently trying to come up with a technique to show some of the iridescence in my painting. Stay tuned to see how I try to capture this.

Please take a few seconds to share about your project in the comments. It will be great if you can share a current photo. Remember that it does not need to be a completed work. I wish to thank you for your participation, and I know that we all appreciate your unique creativity!

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