Fun With My New Watercolors!

July 3, 2020 I received my new watercolors in the mail late yesterday. I could not wait to open them, and try them out. The watercolors are made by Windsor & Newton. I also got a Cannon pad of cold pressed watercolor paper of 9x12i in., with 30 sheets. They are both high quality products.

Today, I cracked open the watercolors. I prepared my paint brushes, some water for mixing, and some washcloths. Next, I opened my brand new watercolor paper. I had already decided yesterday what I would paint…roses!

I decided to lightly sketch the placement of each rose. I sketched twenty mini roses, and twenty-two medium size roses. I used each one of my new colors, and painted all the mini roses. I like the strong pigments in the Windsor Newton paints. It is easy to blend, and you can create various colors. There are twelve basic colors in the set. You can blend them to create up to forty colors.

I painted the mini roses onto the dry paper. Then, I decided to use the wet on wet technique to paint the medium roses. I laid down a wash of color for each medium rose using the wet on wet technique.. Then, I painted two of each basic color in the set. I varied the intensity of each petal to create contrast.

These roses will become part of my Peacock Acrylic Canvas painting, of 48 x 64 in. I plan to decoupage each rose onto the canvas. The mini roses will surround the body of the peacock. The medium roses will be intermixed among the other acrylic roses, as part of the Peacock’s Rattling.

I am including the photos of the new watercolor set. It includes a mini watercolor paint brush. In the center, I am including a photo of the mini roses that I painted.

I hope that I have inspired you to try creating your own art project. I believe that each one of us is creative. Remember that you do not have to spend on expensive materials. The important thing is to try to create what you are thinking of. Soon you will have a finished piece of artwork.

What art project are you working on, or have finished? Please take a moment to share about your creation. Thank you for sharing!

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