Watercolor Progress

July 8, 2020 Welcome to a sunny beautiful California day! I have been experimenting with my new Winsor Newton watercolor set. I decided to be productive, and complete pieces that I can add to my large canvas acrylic painting. The subject of the large canvas acrylic painting (48”x 64”) is a peacock rattling. Instead of rattling it’s feathers, my peacock displays roses. Thus, I decided to incorporate another medium into my painting: watercolors. I began by roughly sketching three different sizes of roses: small, medium, and large. I completed two pages of the large roses, with eleven roses per page. Then, I completed a page of twenty medium size roses. The last set of roses that I made are a set of sixty-four small ones. I experimented by painting three pages of some abstract branches/leafs. Finally, I created a page of six peacock feathers. All of these pieces are going to be used in my canvas painting. I will carefully cut each watercolor element out. Next, I will adhere each piece onto the canvas using decoupage glue. I believe that by mixing different art mediums, it enhances my canvas painting. It gives it more interest, and creates greater contrast. Since this is not a commissioned piece, I can do whatever I want! The following are a set of photos of each of the pages that I painted. I hope that you may be encouraged to try to create your own unique artwork. You can do it! Please share your artwork with the group. Perhaps it is just a sketch of something you are thinking about doing. Thank you for sharing!

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