All About Me Series: Photography

July 25, 2020

Photography is “…the art or practice of taking and processing photographs..” Definitions from Oxford LanguagesFeedback

What are the different categories of photography?

  • 1 – Landscape Photography.
  • 2 – Wildlife Photography. …
  • 3 – Aerial photography. …
  • 4 – Sports / Action Photography. …
  • 5 – Portrait Photography. …
  • 6 – Architectural Photography. …
  • 7 – Wedding Photography/Event Photography. …
  • 8 – Fashion Photography.

The following are twenty useful tips to improve your photography, according to

In today’s technological world, the old style film cameras seem to have become obsolete. Now, photography professionals use them for special effects, or because they prefer that medium. In my opinion, it is similar to an artist that prefers painting with acrylics versus oils, for example.

The advancement of digital photography has made it easier for the average person to be successful in photography. This technology makes it easier to shoot a photo, and see it seconds later. It is also easier to adjust settings to achieve special effects even if you are not a professional. Today, you can use a computer program or app to help you create a masterpiece.

When I was in college, I took a photography course. I was fascinated by the intricate world of photography. I learned about the aperture, shutter speed, exposure, field of vision, and much more. Since I took that course, I have been hooked.

In my opinion, everyone can benefit from a little knowledge of photography. It is as helpful as formally learning to type, for example. Most people today do not own an expensive fancy camera, but almost everyone does own a phone.

It has become the norm to use the phone‘s camera to take the photo, edit it, and send it to anyone in seconds. We can each achieve a professional quality photo simply using our phone!

How many photos do you currently have on your phone? If you are on social media, you probably take many photos to post on the various sites. Some people enjoy posting their current events, and even post pictures of what they are about to eat. In my case, I currently have over six hundred photos on my phone, and several other videos. I know that not everyone is a blogger, yet I also believe that almost everyone takes photos using their phone. It seems that there is a new and improved version of each smart phone with each new year.

Personally, I believe that one of the most important tips to remember when taking photos is to have fun. Another important tip is to shoot a lot, and experiment. The more you practice taking photos, the better your photos will be.

Which photography tip is your favorite? Please share in comments what you like about it. Thank you for sharing!

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