Happy Sunday!

July 26, 2020

You made it to Sunday! It is time to relax. Today, some people may attend church, and visit family. Others may choose to stay home, and rest.

No matter where you find yourself today, I encourage you to try to relax. Even if you are busy getting all the weekend chores done, Please make time for yourself. Pretend that you are going to a luxurious Day Spa, and try to do everything they would offer you.

Treatments typically offered in day spas include: massages;,facials , makeup application, spa manicures, pedicures; body treatments, aromatherapy; and hair services like cutting, styling and coloring.

I encourage you to try a “treatment “ that you can give yourself in the comfort of you own home. I believe that you will find that it is the perfect time to relax. Perhaps you will simply fill your bathtub, and take an extra long relaxing bath. Don’t forget to light a candle, and play your favorite music!

Today’s quote of the day is a perfect reminder of how we can relax this Sunday. I encourage you to follow Maria Shriver’s advice to:

“…spark laughter. Break away from (everything, and) reconnect (with the) child within (you)…” Maria Shriver

Maria Owings Shriver (November 6, 1955-present) is an American journalist, author, former First Lady of California, and the founder of the nonprofit organization The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. She was married to former Governor of California and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, from whom she filed for divorce in 2011. Wikipedia

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