August 2020: Covid-19 Painting Progress!

August 5, 2020

I am very happy to report that I am finally back to working on my acrylic canvas painting of 48”x64.” I had to pause my work, because of the surgery on my arm.

I did make some progress while convalescing on my bed with my right arm strapped to my body by a brace. I ordered some Windsor Newton watercolors, and began painting in bed! It was so much fun!

As you may recall, my painting features a peacock rustling. Instead of rustling his feathers, my peacock is rustling roses. To further add to the acrylic roses, I painted many more roses with the new watercolors. I then proceeded to carefully cut each one out. I plan to add them to the canvas painting.

I researched the best way to decoupage watercolors onto canvas. Yes, there is a special process to insure that the watercolors do not bleed. Ofcourse, this involved me having to place a rather pricy order through Amazon.

If you are curious, let me briefly list the materials that I ordered:

  1. Krylon Satin Finish spray
  2. Liquitex Professional Matte Jel
  3. Jacquard Dorland’s Wax Medium
  4. Jacquard Light Body Metallic Acrylic paint, in Pearl Turquoise
  5. Jacquard Light Body Metallic Acrylic paint, in True Gold

First, I received the Liquitex, and the Dorland’s wax. Second, I received the Krylon spray. I am still waiting for the very special metallic paints…I can’t wait!

I decided that I will be daring and experiment with the new supplies and the newly painted watercolor roses. My goal is to decoupage or collage the watercolor roses onto the existing canvas painting. In theory it sounds simple, yet I am hoping that the watercolor paint will not bleed.

Today, I sprayed all of the painted watercolor pieces (roses, branches, and leaves) with the Krylon varnish. The hope is that this will set the watercolors, and keep them from bleeding. If you look closely, there are some odd objects in these photos. Did you find them? Yes, there is a nozzle for a garden hose, and some broken pieces of a brick. They are each holding down the corners of the plastic white trash bags. The Krylon varnish seems to have done the trick. It appears that it did seal the new watercolor pieces.

Next, I will carefully space out the different sizes of the watercolor roses, and place them throughout the canvas. I will use the Liquitex Professional medium to decoupage or collage all of the new elements onto the canvas. Finally, , I will apply a thin coat of Dorland’s wax all over the canvas. This will seal and protect the canvas painting. It is also suppose to give it a professional finish. I will wait to do this final step until I am finished with the first three steps.

The following are a series of photos from previous blogs. They illustrate the gradual changes in the painting. Although I had to temporarily pause my daily acrylic painting do to my shoulder surgery, I supplemented my progress with the new beautiful Windsor Newton watercolors. This has led me to add this new medium to my acrylic canvas painting. I will continue to report, and document my progress. I hope you enjoy the following photos:

Thank you so much for checking out my painting progress. I am very excited to finally be able to continue my project! It is still difficult to move my right arm, but it continues to heal a little more each day.

It has been an exciting day! I am enjoying mixing the two mediums: watercolors, and acrylics. I am also looking forward to using the decoupage or collage technique. I encourage you to check back with me to see the final steps, and the application of the wax. Again, I wish to thank you for your visit, and I hope you have enjoyed yourself!

What is your latest project? Please share in the comments about your project. Thank you for sharing!


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