Evolving Artwork: “Peacock Rattling”

August 21, 2020

We made it to another Friday during a global pandemic. This is no easy feat. Here in California, we are battling fires, and 130 degrees temperatures! Who says global warming doesn’t exist? Right now, it is pre-dawn and everything seems peaceful. I am always full of hope. It is my optimism that spurs me on to continue my artwork. Today, I am sharing with you the next steps in the process.

As you may remember, I have been working on an acrylic painting onto canvas. It measures 48”x 64.” It is of a peacock ”train-rattling.” I have decided to call it “Peacock Rattling.”

“When a peacock wants to woo a peahen, he unfurls his glorious, iridescent feathers and furiously vibrates them in what’s called a “train-rattling” display. The vibrations make the bird’s signature eyespots appear to float, motionless atop a swirling sea of wispy feather barbs.”discovermagazine.com

During my convalescence from my shoulder surgery, I decided to watercolor. I created various roses in many colors, and sizes. I decided to decoupage or collage the roses onto my acrylic painting.

This week I found myself playing with the placement of my watercolor roses. I began placing them, and initially thought I had made too many. After an hour or so, I had placed all the watercolor roses. I stepped back to look at my painting. I decided to walk away, and review it again later that day.

When my son and daughter-in-law came over, I asked them what they thought of the placement of the new roses. I thought that they would each give a verbal opinion, and continue their busy day. Yet, they actually stopped and pondered. Next, they each offered a positive verbal critique. I responded with my thoughts of not liking the placement of a group of the mini roses. Then, they both took the time to actually help me reposition the ones that I was not happy with. We all stood back to review the changes. As I thanked them for their time and participation, I realized I liked the changes.

It was then that I heard, “It needs more (roses)!” I agreed! That same night, I began sketching more roses of all sizes. First, I started by making 164 mini roses. Second, I made 115 small roses. Third, I completed 48 medium, and 12 large watercolor roses. I used the wet on wet technique to give each a wash of color.

Today, I am continuing to work on my painting. It keeps evolving!

verb gerund or present participle: evolving

  1. 1. develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. “the company has evolved into a major chemical manufacturer”

Definition from Oxford Languages

The following photos are of the process that I have followed, and the evolution of the painting up to today. Remember that the artwork is an acrylic painting on canvas, It has evolved into an acrylic, and watercolor collage. Please enjoy the photos:

This shows the current 339 watercolor roses that I am working on. When I finish painting these roses, I will spray them. Then, I will decoupage them onto the canvas. Please stay tuned, and I will continue to report my progress.

This is the latest photo, taken today (8-21-20). It shows the beginning placement of the watercolor roses.

What project are you currently working on? Please take a minute to share about it in the comments. Thank you for sharing!

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