Gardening: Time to Plant Seeds!

March 16, 2021

Calling all gardeners! It is time to begin planting our new seeds. I am happy to report that I officially began to plant all my seeds yesterday, March 15, 2021. It just so happened to be a very cold, and rainy day in California. It was so unpleasant that I planted while indoors!

My gardening journey began as early as December of 2020. I formulated a plan, and started to research the best way to execute it. My plan is based on my goal of growing a Vegetable Garden, along with some of my favorite herbs. I started by researching the best way to achieve my goal. I considered all the possibilities from dedicated formal raised beds to individual buckets for my veggie garden. I downloaded specific Gardening Apps, read countless gardening articles and blogs, and downloaded the Kellogg’s Gardening Guide. I also created my very own Gardening Journal so that I can document, and keep track of my gardening adventures!

Officially, I began to plant some seeds on February 16, 2021. After eating an organic butternut squash, I washed and dried the seeds for planting. I also collected the seeds from a spaghetti squash. I decided to try to plant some of the seeds that had ordered. I planted Cherry Tomato, Bush Bean, Pea, and Zucchini. Every day, I watered these, took them outside for some sun, and brought them inside at night. I observed when they began to sprout. Then, they slowly grew from one leaf into two, and more. Finally, they began to outgrow their container. I had to transplant some of them.

My seed selection was based on several days of research, and an overwhelming wish of growing my very own vegetables. I focused on all the vegetables that I love to eat. I also included some of the herbs that I use all the time. Finally, I supplemented my list with some special selection, such as: Rainbow Carrots, Yellow Pear Tomatoes, Eggplant, and Pole Beans.

Next, I officially began creating my veggie garden by creating a design plan. I decided the placement of future plants by studying where the sunlight falls during different hours of a day in the area that I want to become my veggie garden. After lighting considerations, I mapped out the design, and graphed each square foot of space. Finally, I purchased and installed the Lucky Dog 6’ fencing around the perimeter and included privacy screening.

I purchased the Ferry-Morse Professional Seed Starting Trays. Each tray contains 72 cells. They contain the protective dome, or cover. I also purchased Kellogg Organic Patio Plus Premium Outdoor Potting Mix. I also purchased: two food grade 5 gallon buckets, 2 patio chairs, and a pair of Digz Leather Palm Gardening Gloves.

Once I had my seeding trays, I separated my seed packets. I grouped the tomatoes together, and proceeded to do the same with other vegetables. I grouped all of my herbs together onto the same seeding tray. I created some of my own homemade plant labels from a recycled yogurt container, and I also used my newly purchased labels from Burpee. I used every single label to tag and label each row of the newly planted seeds. WARNING: Always label everything! Do not assume that you will remember accurately. For example: I took a break to eat my lunch, during my planting marathon. Luckily, I decided to take a few photos of my planting progress prior to eating lunch. When I returned to my planting, a couple of the tags fell off. I realized that I could not remember what I had planted in a particular row. Then, I remembered that I had taken the photos. The photos proofed to be the perfect documented record. I was able to correctly replace the plant labels. My advice to you is to write everything down, and take lots of photos. Don’t assume that you will remember all of it. It is also very exciting to be able to review the progress of your growing plants through photos!

Currently, I am very excited of my gardening progress. I am surprised that seeds that I paid no money for (Spaghetti Squash & Butternut Squash) are growing like weeds! It is interesting to note that my garlic, which I grew from my grocery store bought garlic, is also a prolific grower & is already planted outdoors. I am anticipating the germination progress of my newly planted seeds. The average germination time is listed as 7-14 days. A few list a germination time of 5 days!

The next steps in my gardening journey will involve getting a green house, and the above ground planting containers: galvanized metal trough, heavy duty oval stock tank, kiddie pools, and 5 gallon plastic buckets. I will also be creating a climbing structure out of a steel fence panel to support the growth of the spaghetti squash & butternut squash. Please stay tuned for a future blog on those projects.

Have started your gardening for Spring 2021? What are you currently growing?Please share in the comments. Thank you for sharing!

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